London Mistress Venus Vendetta – Intro


My name is Mistress Venus Vendetta. I am a classic English beauty with a distinct talent for reducing grown men to a whimper at my feet. I am a slender but statuesque 6ft tall, with flame red hair and piercing blue eyes. And I revel in using my powerful prowess to spellbind men into total, helpless devotion…

Creative domination is an instinctive artistry for me. It is not something I have learnt – it is who I am. There is little I love more than the power and control of pinpointing your weaknesses and pushing them far beyond the wildest stretches of your imagination. You will be left suspended in sheer excitement and intimidation by the thrill of my ruthlessly inventive play.

It wont take long for you to become familiar with my twisted smile… I simply can’t contain it when I have men squirming under my thumb, begging for mercy.

So. If you are seeking something that is unique, sensual, savage and sublime, then you have come to the right place.

I am also available for double sessions and I offer specialised trampling sessions, with a vast array of the most beautiful high heel shoes at my disposal. Please contact for further details.